Fame Evangelical Church (Moweaqua, IL)

Type:church Address:699 East 2400 North Road Moweaqua, IL 62550 United States Phone:(217) 768-4925

We Are YOUR Family Church

Fame Evangelical Church is a place for families. Every age group is welcome here.

Peak around these pages and you'll catch an overview of what’s going on at Fame Evangelical Church. You can peek in the windows and examine our beliefs, without your privacy being breached. We believe what you learn will excite you!


Fame Evangelical Church has been around since 1895, even longer if you count the years before the building was established. From the first formation of a Sunday School class in response to evangelistic meetings around the year 1875 until the present day, Fame Evangelical Church has been founded upon Christ Jesus alone.

It began when W.J. Snyder was teaching his Sunday School class in the Fame School House. The class grew until finally they felt the need to become a regular church and to hold regular church services. Finally in the year 1895, the congregation built a building to house the services, and Fame Evangelical Church had a permanent home. Fast forward 100+ years and Fame Evangelical Church continues to help families walk in relationship with God. 

We hold firm to the good news that Jesus Christ is the savior of all who will believe in Him and we invite you to join us.