What should you expect?

Fame is a smaller congregation so you should expect to feel welcome. We are not going to make you stand up and introduce yourself, nobody really likes doing that. But we believe you will have a good experience.

  1. What should you wear? The pastor might wear a suit, plenty of others wear jeans. We don't mind either way.
  2. How long is the service? about an hour and 15 minutes.
  3. What about Kids? We do have Sunday school classes for your kids, but we really like to have the kids in the morning worship service so they can learn from the earliest age how to love, honor, serve, and worship God.
  4. What is the service like? We are pretty traditional, most of our music has been hymns in the past, they are easy to sing, and memorable. We do like to find good songs from every age right up till now. In fact if you have a suggestion, our worship team might try it.